Brenda Arnold
Brenda ArnoldFramed Photography
I have been an amateur photographer for the last 20 years. I enjoy taking pictures of local sites around Pensacola, framing my photography and making photo greeting cards too.
Aileen Baine
Aileen BaineOil on canvas, Paintings with Nautical themes
I use oil base paints when painting my nautical themed art. I enjoy painting, and have several pieces in local seafood restaurants.
Laima Brown
Laima BrownMixed Media Framed Wall Art, Soft Sculptures and Fabric Jewelry
Art Weeds, LLC., is sculpture art and jewelry, handcrafted, using new and recycled textiles, found objects, abandoned materials or both. Any imperfections highlight the charm of the, “Repurposed” textiles. As jewelry is worn, the weathered look may be enhanced creating a vintage appearance.
Doris Bush
Doris BushHand Knitted Clothing and Accessories
I picked up knitting and crocheting in Germany. My mom knitted wonderful sweaters, etc. Back in the day, my daughter and I crocheted a blanket. It’s still in use today, 38 years later! Knitting and crocheting relaxes me.
Vicki Carroll
Vicki CarrollJewelry & Textiles from Lima Peru
I make handmade and one of a kind sterling silver and German silver jewelry with stones and/or crystals, woven Peruvian handbags and gift items.
Chris Carlton
Chris CarltonPhoto Greeting Cards
Chris is co-owner of Carlton Marks Hair Salon. He is an avid amateur photographer, loves to travel,(especially to Maine) and take beautiful photos of wildlife, insects and plants which he incorporates into his color photo, hand signed greeting cards.
Linda Dortch
Linda DortchFabric Accessories and Hand-Painted Greeting Cards
Handmade fabric totes, shopping bags, quilted items, hand painted greeting cards and notepads.
For over 30 years I’ve been designing and constructing reversible totes and shopping bags, unique and quilted gift items, accessories, as well as hand painted greeting cards. To lessen the carbon footprint, I purchase most supplies locally and sew many of the items on my antique, (non-electric) treadle sewing machine.
Margie Kalaluhi
Margie KalaluhiMagnetite magnetic jewelry with gem stones and crystal accents.
Our environment has changed, why not start your day with energy and protective jewelry! I make magnetic magnetite necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings with gems and chakra crystals. All are helpful for headaches, TMJ and cell phone EMF rays, and good health. I even make collars for your favorite pet!
Philip Marcou
Philip Marcou925 Sterling Silver and Precious Stone Jewelry
Unique 925 Sterling Silver and Precious Stone Jewelry from around the world.
Christine McCoy
Christine McCoyFernwood Forrest Beeswax Candles and Lip Balm
Christine makes pure beeswax candles, body and lip balms with pure beeswax and coconut oils. Beeswax has many benefits: aromatherapy for health and healing, natural air filtering by generating negative ions, brighter flame, flame emits full spectrum light, (like the sun) and the highest melting point of any known wax!
Staci Miron
Staci MironMixed Media Framed Art
Staci Miron is a self taught experimental artist and teacher, painting since 1982. Printmaking, oil, acrylic, watercolor, and spray paint are just a few of the mediums that she uses.
Linda Moody
Linda MoodyFabric Wrapped Bamboo Utensil Covers & Handmade Swedish Paper Ornaments
She enjoys sewing and recycling. Her hand sewn fabric utensil covers are both beautiful and functional. And, the intricate handmade Swedish paper ornaments are an amazing lost art and highly collectible.
Marilynn Ordonez
Marilynn OrdonezJewelry
I make handmade polymer clay jewelry, precious stone and wire wrapped jewelry, and salt/sugar body scrubs.
Maria and Jose Pena
Maria and Jose PenaKnitted and Crocheted items, Handmade soaps, and Jewelry
We started our home business in 2010. We make soaps containing all natural ingredients, many of them organic containing no alcohol. We also make 100% natural castile soap body washes. Maria loves to knit using high quality yarns and 100% organic cotton. The latest addition to our line of products is handmade jewelry from Tagua, a form of vegetable ivory harvested from ivory palms in South America. We also create Camel Bone Jewelry.
Tahnja Pyle
Tahnja PyleJewelry and Handmade greeting cards
Tahnja enjoys being creative and artistic. She makes handmade jewelry and custom greeting cards called, “Little German Girl Cards.”
Cheryl Reznicek
Cheryl ReznicekKnitted Items
I make handmade knitted hats, accessories and crocheted coasters. I taught myself how to crochet. The idea of turning thread into any object from a simple doilies to a complicated basket has always interested me.
Katie Rushing
Katie RushingAbstract art, mixed media art, and jewelry
I love making abstract art and mixed media art using many creative materials to create one of a kind art. I make jewelry out of recycled materials and beads.
Sharon and Ron Sutek
Sharon and Ron Sutek Emerald Coast Jewelry Creations
Sharon and Ron have a vast inventory of every type of silver and gold custom jewelry since 2003.
Valerie Vance
Valerie VanceMixed Media and Framed Art
I believe it’s a God given talent of mine. I love all mediums and am currently working with water colors. I enjoy painting animals and am fascinated with birds! I’ve always loved to draw and started when I was very young…as far back as I can remember. In 1994 I took professional classes at a local college learning portrait art.